Saturday, January 15, 2011

Delayed happy new year and a look forward and back.

First of all a delayed happy new year wish from me to everyone in our little community!

2010 was a great year for me, i got married to the love of my life(say what me married? indeed ;)), i started collecting a catachan army, which let to starting a blog about it, which in the end let me to meet a lot of lovely people(thank you guys, you know who you are)! 

I started playing games in the local club, learning the game at first hand, not just in theory. I gained some experience with my army, getting to know its strengths and weakness, having a blast while doing it and also gotten a few good friends there whom i started playing with on a regular basis.

Just finished the second project at university and have to go defend it in a week. Basically the last two months have been wedding and project and i am finally starting to get some time to get started on the projects i have lying around with by jungle fighters.

Some of the things you can expect on the blog in the future are.

  1. Heavy weapon mortar teams! (one which is the old school one and will always have a special place in my heart cause it was a gift from a certain individual in our community.
  2. The rest of Strakens CCS finished.
  3. Penal legion! Thats right, i already converted 5 so far!!
  4. Sniperteams, i started running snipers along with some of the veterans and im dying to paint up my oldschool deathworld snipers!
  5. Ogryns! and much much more.. including more battle reports!
Here is 2 pictures of me and my wife inside and outside the city hall on our wedding day.

 And last, but not least a picture of what i managed to paint during 2010(roughly 6 months of work).

Notice the terrain in the back. It was a present from one of my friends,whom i meet on youtube. He made this piece of terrain specially for my army and its one of the best Christmas presents i have ever gotten! It came the day after Christmas in a carefully wrapped package. I made a video about it on my youtube channel, you can see the video here.

best wishes Ras


  1. Great post, I got married this year as well, I've been watching "pacific" on bluray and its like a real life guide to catachans, mortars are essential.12-15 (i know it sounds nuts but trust me) would make your list seriously competitive, couple of lascannon armoured sentinels, autocannon teams and you've a seriously different but tasty list.

  2. @sune congrats on the wedding mate! Actually i been starting to use mortars in my 1500 points list and i had a lot of success with it. Some games they just fail me tho, but that due to terrible luck with the scatter dice and cant be blamed on them tho. I find them immense useful at suppressing ranged footie firepower and slowing down foot.

    At the moment i have only 2 Heavy-Weapon Teams of mortars and i replaced Harkers special weapons in the team with 3 snipers for extra pinning. I might add more mortars when i get more games in. I am worried a bit about my lack of ranged firepower the higher points i get up since i am adding more and more grunts to my company.

    There is gonna be a campaign at the club in a week and i have to make a 1000 and a 1500 points list for it so keep an eye of the blog mate, i could use a extra pair of skeptic eyes on the lists.

    Ps. like the idea of lascannons on sentinels to support my penal legion with some anti punch. So far i have 3 sentinels 2 autocannons and 1 heavy flamers. Might add another 3 with lascannons... ;)

    God theres just so much fun with imperial guard!

  3. Congratulations! You look very happy, as I've no doubt you will be...

    I love mortars too (not least after Suneokun's insistence and advice) and I'm looking forward to watching your lot grow once more.

    Good luck with your paper at uni...

    - Drax

  4. @Drax thanks mate. Yeah you two are the reason why i am even testing mortars at the moment. The forum where my lokal klub hangs out where all screaming autocannons, autocannons and more AUTOCANNONS!!!

    Out of 4 Heavy-Weapon Teams only one squad is autocannons in my company. To be honest, it just goes to show that you shouldn't listen to everything the internet says ;)

  5. Oooooh, didn't you got married you sneaky bast***, guess I was too busy dodging all that mortarfire from you last Thursday, tho they didn't have the luck they deserved, they will add some great support fire to your lists, especially against more killable lists (I play Nurgle Daemons)

    Anyways, thanks for last battle, was as always good fun to play against you.
    And see you soon at the campaign, it is going to be so much fun!

  6. @Michael hehe yeah thought i told you Thursday! Revenge is mine tho, deep striking daemons and winged princes! auch...!