Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My 500 point starting list

A few days ago i got woken up by a knocking on my door. My girlfriend went up and open the door and as i hoped, the box from the UK had arrived!

With the postman coming with the IG codex and a Catachan battle force it was time to get started on figuring how to approach my first 500 point army. I skimmed the codex and i made a army list based on some ideas on how i would like to play my army. My ideas had lots of holes amongst other things i didnt have a plantoon command squad! But luckely i had help on the forum and i ended up with a list very close to what i wanted and this time it was legal...!

This is the list i ended up with:


CCS (5) (vox)(Melta.)
-65 points

PCS (5) (vox)(grenadelauncher)
-40 points
Infantry squad (10) (vox)
-55 points
veteran squad + Gunnery Sergeant Harker (10) (vox, 2 meltas, 1 heavyflamer)
-170 points
-Heavy weapons squad (auto cannons)
-75 points
Infantry squad (10) (vox)
-55 points


Scout sentinel (auto cannon)

=500 points

The plan is that i will deploy Harker with his squad in cover near my enemy's deployment zone and try to pop as much mech as possible. The heavy flamer and Harkers Heavy Bolter should be able to do some damage if my opponent try to assault the squad. The bonuses from cover and Harker should make the last a few turns with just a bit luck.

The heavy weapon teams will add more "tank bustah" firepower and the infantry squads will be claiming and infantry killing. The sentinel i just threw in there to try it out and to add just a bit of uncertainty to my opponent with autocannon on the top.

Atleast thats the teory, when i get the army painted up ill put it to the test.

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