Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A beginning.

Hi there, my name is Rasmus and i have had an on and off relationship with Warhammer since i was 12. Reading the awesome stories, watching artwork of the world of warhammer and buying a few models here and there to paint. Its easy to say i was never a big gamer.
Later on when i was about 20 i started to playing more and more games, i had collected a woodelf army and a considerable highelf. Hey stop warhammer fantasy?! Yes, most of my time in the warhammer hobby i been playing Warhammer fantasy and its actually only about 1 year ago i started in the 40k universe.

I started out a year ago with collecting eldar. Eldar always had a soft spot in my heart, i rememeber even buying their codex even back in my fantasy days even when i knew nothing about warhammer 40k. After flirting with eldar for 7 months, i one day came past my local "Modelpusher" a saw something that brought me back about 8 years when i bought another warhammer 40k codex without know anything about 40k. The catachan junglefights.

I remember reading about them in a whitedwarf magazine when they first came out. I was fascinated by their rambo look, unique fighting style, special rules and relative low amount of mech. I actually bought a box of catachan jungle fighters back then and remember painting one model and then quit(The warhammer hobby can be a cruel child, when you don't know anyone playing, since we all know how much work and time it takes to actually get started playing the game from scratch).

Anyways, now i am back with a vengeance. My goal is to put together a 500 point fully painted army of Catachan jungle fighters. Start playing them in the local gaming club and then continue to build a bigger army of these Rambo wannabes. This blog will help me to continue to get motivated by writing articles on my progression, helpful tips i might encounter and later on battle reports from actual games.
I also joined a project together with 3 other guys to paint a unit every month for our armies, if we fail we have to get a fork in our leg, if we succeed we get a potato!(im guessing they encountered the same lack of motivation from time to time to) Armed with youtube, blogging, forums(well basicly the internet)im going to war!

Welcome to my blog!


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