Sunday, April 10, 2011

First mortar squad.. check!

 Took me a while to get these done. The old school mortar from Drax was really fast to do as i just absolutely love that team! But the two next ones was to familiar to the other HWTs i did, but also the fact that i been painting alot lately is leaving its mark.

R3T is in less than 14 days and i still need to paint the basilisk, another squad of mortars and 1 objective marker. I will not compromise on my painting, so no rushing being sloppy from my part just to make it. If i don't make it, then i don't make it. After all i have to look at my models long after the tournament is over.
But back to the objective marker. You guys have any idea what to put on it? I really want something to fit in with the army and at the same time look great. We all know Drax amazing Objective marker and even tho making one as awesome one as his is close to impossible, i would like something down that road(In the term of awesomeness!).

My thought have been on a jungle fighter dragging another mate wounded mate trough the jungle. But that will require green stuff and heavy converting to look good. So if any of you guys got any ideas please tell me!


  1. Looking good!!!They look straight outta south east Asia!

    "Hold the hill boys we got zipps in the wire!"

  2. @Palehorse Ha ha indeed mate, didn't really notice until you wrote it..!

  3. Awesome mortars! I'm rolling with the mortar-spam to Blogwars later this year - I'll let you know how I get on! As for an apt objective marker ... Punji traps!

    Lictor in a punji trap
    Kroot in punji trap
    Chaos Space Marine in a ....punji trap.

    Check out the specifics here:

  4. punji trap! Sounds very fluffy and interesting.. However it will be a huge challenge to do since i cant dig into the base.. I have to give it some thought..

    Looking forward to hear about the mortars mate

  5. Superb - marvellous work, Ras; and thanks for the props too!

    They really do look great: more servants of the Emperor!

  6. Thanks alot guys! I will finish the basilisk during the week, then 3 more mortars inc and i will be ready for my first tournament!