Friday, January 24, 2014

Infinity: Tohaa Trident

I recently got into infinity and decided on the Tohaa. There is something about the look and feel of the Tohaa that really appeals to me and the fluff is awesome! So one thing let to another and after reading in the paradiso book, i kinda ended up buying all the models avalable. This left me with alot of unpainted models and a new game to be exited about. Which is awesome!
I decide to start on the Tohaa starter pack aka. the “Tohaa Trident starter Pack”, so i would have a playable starter force to start playing with. Here is how they turned out.

I already got 4 games in and I have to say so far i really love the game. It’s fast paced and its very active and reactive player turns really keeps you on your toes. Hopefully there will be a lot of updates coming in the future!

Best wishes Ras

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ravenwing bikers

Painting is still going very slow but i did manage to finish these 3 Ravenwing bikers.

As usual i also made a HD video on my YouTube channel for you guys who also follow me there.

I had originally planned to finish a attackbike and a landspeeder  but i am having serious doubts of getting the landspeeder done  in time. 

I hope you and your families are all doing great! best wishes Ras

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Some Dark Angels

Loosing your muse is not a great thing in this hobby and we all loose it from time to time. Finishing my AP degree in computer science, buying and moving into our new house contributed to this in some ways as well. I been trying to start up painting and putting together some models. It seems that putting together models won that contest lately, however i did finish my first tactical squad and a librarian before falling into the painting rut!

I been trying to start up on Dark Angels force again since its here my passion lies at the moment. I spent some money on some of the new models coming out with the new book and i hope to get my painting back to where it was 6 months ago.

Speaking of which, here is some videos of the models i made a few months back.

Anyway, this is me saying hey i am not dead, just struggling with my painting muse!

Best wishes Ras

Friday, July 20, 2012

And so it begins!

6th edition have been here for some time now and i been looking a bit at it from time to time. Even tho i have planned to continue with my Tomb kings after i finished painting my Malifaux crew, it seems that the urge to continue expanding my imperial guard even more is bigger. That's right ladies and gentlemen, Ras is back!

As we all know 6th edition is out with new rules and a new meta and i intend to make the best out of the new changes. I will expand the army with cadian regiments, tanks and artillery as i had planned to do, but with a twist.

I will be adding Leman Russ's to my army, in fact i plan to add 3 of them at 1850 along with Pask as upgrade. I also intend on adding lots and lots of conscripts! At the present time i will not include any chimeras but that might change later. I made a skeleton list with the units i want to include at the present time. The list still needs some tweaking but i feel like i got the core in it.

The list  

CCS(6): 4xSniper riffles, master of Ordinance 100
PCS(5): Chenkov, 4xFlamer 100
Infantry squad(10): flamer, autocannon 65
Infantry squad(10): flamer, autocannon 65
Heavy weapons squad(3): 3xMissile launcher 90
Conscrips(40): 160
Stormtroopers(5): 2xMeltas 105
Fast Attack
Vendetta Gunship(1): 3xLascannons 130
Vendetta Gunship(1): 3xLascannons 130
Leman Russ squadron(2): 2xBattletank, lascannon, 2xheavy bolters, heavy stubber 390
Manticore(1): heavy bolter, heavy stubber 170
Total points 1505

Since 6th came out i bought this so far for the army(another Leman Russ is on the way and next month i will be adding more conscripts).

I am also working on my first cadian shock trooper so i can get the color scheme and painting standard  as i want it, but more on that in another post.

As always if you have any ideas and/or suggestions to improve the army please let me know.

Best wishes Ras

Thursday, December 29, 2011

HD video of my ogryns and catachan special characters

First of all, i hope you all had a very merry christmas and that you will have lots of joy and good stuff in the new year to come!

I finally got my rotating plate from ebay and i decided to make a video to see how high i could get the resolution. I hope you all injoy it. Just double click on the picture to go to full screen on youtube.

Best wishes Ras

Friday, December 16, 2011

Last Ogryn and Ogryn squad done!

They where a real joy to paint and im proud to say i now own a fully painted ogryn squad. I still have around 5 ogryns i can paint and add to the squad if i ever feel like it. They are very fun to play with after all in friendly games. I might start to experiment with these guys abit in the new year and see if i can make them work in my catachan lists(maybe adding a big nice squad of 7-10 ogryns?)

I had to trade this guy on the forum as the 6 ogryns i already traded didnt have this guy amongst em.

And finally a picture of the whole squad!
I will take a brake from this blog for a while now and focus on Tomb Kings. The club is starting a fantasy campagn for newbies and i and some more people have taken the opportunity to to dip our hands in some fantasy while starting up slowly. That doesnt mean i will only be painting Tomb Kings the next many months but it will mean alot less catachan action than i am use to.

Best wishes Ras

Friday, December 9, 2011

Second ogryn for the squad done!

This guy was my least favorite(my wifes favorite!) of the bunch, but after i got some paint on him i have to say that he have character! Being danish i can relate to the horns..!

What do you guys think? fail model or character.